Woolymammoth – Tricks EP

Purchase / Stream: BuygoreRecords.lnk.to/tRiCkSeP

One can assume there is a direct correlation between the accessibility of electronic music and the age to which one is exposed. With electronic music being so heavily adapted into basic mainstream mediums – younger and younger people are finding their own passion in this little world we’ve helped expose & shed light to, causing the talent budding out of said scene to skyrocket and produce tracks and sounds once thought unfathomable. One up-and-coming producer who has made his imprint in the experimental, underground bass scene is Woolymammoth. The recently turned 19 year old and current student of LA based production school, Icon Collective, makes his Buygore debut today with his five track EP, titled Tricks, available for purchase via Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.

‘Inconceivable sound design’ would be a fair assessment to describe this young producer’s production madness; curating sounds one would seem unfathomable. Tricks perfectly display’s Woolmammoth’s attention to detail by each fleeting note. With low-riding bass lines, textured rhythms, and hints of the underground, these elements all combine to fashion an ampifier-wrecking EP.

Mind you, Tricks is not for the faint hearted; bass lovers, sit down, relax, and let Woolymammoth take you were no experimental artist has gone before.