STEREOLIEZ – Paper Chaser EP

Download the “Paper Chaser” EP Here:

Being able to stand out in a genre and scene that slow and steady starting to highly saturate is not an easy task. Having to appeal to different markets and stay true to your day-one fans while simultaneously producing what you love is one of the more difficult challenges artist’s today face. Presenting you with equal parts trap and bass infused house, Stereoliez appeals to multiple markets while staying true to their personal hard-hitting sound in their new Paper Chaser EP, available now for purchase via Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.

Stereoliez kicks off the EP running with “Paper Chaser”, featuring Armanni Reign, who’s high energy and lyrical onslaught is the perfect addition to sinister, staccato synths and a sub-wrecking bass – leaving no 808 behind. Keeping the momentum going, the cinematic opening of “W.U.B.” nose-diving into a maniacal bass-house infused tune. As previously released last week as a freebie when you pre-ordered Paper Chaser via iTunes, “1997”, with the perfect combination of wobbles and house elements, Stereoliez ignites a heart palpitating EP with Paper Chaser. Spag Heddy and Retrohandz both appear as they present their own spins on the heave 808 tune -one being a heavy artillery-like dubstep spin and the other a twerk-alicious moombahton version, respectively.

The perfect pre-game EP, or to blast in your car, whichever your preference may be, Paper Chaser gets the crowd going and we’re excited to see what 2016 has in store for Stereoliez.


Armanni Reign

Spag Heddy