Stabby – ‘Blade’ EP


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The next rising talent in the bass music community has finally made his way to the Buygore Records team with in our upcoming three-track venture. Following his recent single “Ryu” off the March 2018 Fresh Blood Vol. 4 compilation via the Buygore imprint Fresh Blood, the Colorado-based DJ/producer has built a name for himself by the epithet Stabby as he looks ahead toward his forthcoming ‘Blade’ EP out on May 4th.

Solidifying his structural approach in music production, Stabby’s ‘Blade’ EP, this bodywork of bass music highlights melodic preludes, synth-laden essentials, and slamming basslines from start to finish. Kicking off with “First Duel”, Stabby wastes no time and delivers an extreme dose of razor-sharp, deafening bass and drumwork. Leading into “Musket”, the ‘Blade’ EP takes a dive into the choppy climax with ravenous rhythms and punchy beats. Last but not least on the epic concluding track “Permadeath”, Stabby enlists the aid of Harvey Thompson as the only featured collaboration, a UK-based dubstep producer under the moniker Chime who has recently burst into the bass music community. Set to be released on May 4th, Buygore Records is excited to welcome a new face to the family.


About Stabby

Known best for his deep and primal percussion, “stabby” basslines, and ever-evolving, razor sharp sound, rising British producer Dean Cawley (also known as Stabby) has been making colossal moves during his short time in the limelight.

Since commencing his journey through the fibers of electronic music five years ago at the impressively young age of 17, Stabby has employed his lifelong love of rock music alongside a vast array of other genres to concoct a distinct musical style. Boasting a perfect blend of head-bobbing grooves and potent sounds that fuse the most personally inspiring and deeply engaging elements from blues, synth-pop and post-hardcore, Stabby’s music constantly aims to create an entirely unique, jarring and bass heavy experience that is equally visceral and unforgettable.