Sandro Silva – Ambition EP

Sandro Silva is one of the minds behind the landmark track of the big room house movement. His track ‘Epic’ in collaboration with Quintino was one of the first tracks to introduce the world to the sound that would rule festival for years to come. If you still think that track categorizes Sandro Silva’s music, then you could not be more wrong. Today Sandro Silva released a massive 5 track EP off of Buygore entitled ‘Ambition’.

The EP is filled with high energy dubstep tracks. It is a clear break away from the style that helped define Sandro in his early year’s of production. The best part about all of this? The songs are actually pretty damn good! ‘Do It Right’ is a clear stand out in our opinion as intense synths parade the track as vicious growls come to the surface ever so often to remind the listener than from here on out, whatever they thought of Sandro Silva is about to change.