Lookas & Jayden Parx – Chaos (Out Now)

Out Now
Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/chaos/1280064

Music Video:www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bHhws5m4…&feature=youtu.be

Raised in two of the biggest party cities in the United States, Miami and New York City, LooKas and Jayden Parx were born with a penchant for big bass music. For their freshman release on Buygore Records, LooKas and Jayden Parx couldn’t have made a more perfect track than ‘Chaos’. The sweeping synths and dry snares in the background leave listeners itching for more as the introduction climaxes, then drop “brings in the chaos!” In preparation for festival season, LooKas and Jayden Parx crammed ‘Chaos’ full of those big room bass sounds that get everyone dancing, but put their own aggressive spin on it to make this a truly unique melody. Drop back the tempo and add in some signature hi-hats and this is something even the trap stars can get behind. Make sure to keep your ears peeled for this monster of a track at all the upcoming Summer festivals because with the long list of support these two superstar producers have acquired, you’re sure to be hearing it very soon


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Jayden Parx
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