Borgore – Coco Puffs


In the wake of the incredible Blasphemy world tour, Asaf Borger is already setting his eyes on the prize for 2018. Widely known by his stage name Borgore, the man who ruined dubstep is back and ready to dominate the new year.

“Coco Puffs” is what Borgore fans have been waiting for with his reputable sound design and genre-bending techniques. The entirety of the song is a beguiling trek; beginning with a light introduction, Borgore fans already know exactly what they’re in for. Aggressive levels of tantalizing bass lines, illustrative lyricism, and bone-sawing synths amalgamate into a well blended, everlasting masterpiece. “Coco Puffs” calls attention to Borgore’s one-of-a-kind structure intricacy and detail; the meticulous sound design found in the composition of “Coco Puffs” is difficult to find in the oversaturated field of bass music, setting this release far apart from the rest. Out now on Borgore’s very own Buygore Records, “Coco Puffs” is set to be another Borgore classic.