The Concrete Jungle is one hell of a place, especially for young up-and-coming. It takes a special kind of demeanor and artistic view to shine above the rest when it comes to New York – Bailo being a prime example and you can see it today as he makes his Buygore debut in Versace, a three-track EP available now for purchase via Beatport, Spotify, & iTunes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.13.06 PM
Bailo flawlessly takes genre-bending to the next level in Versace as he flawlessly glides between tracks, never skipping a beat.

Linking artillery-weighted drops and staccato 808’s by way of catchy hooks, Bailo kicks off with lead single “Versace” with D-John. He then pumps up the volume as he maneuvers to bouncing moombah-jersey-infused synths in “Batman” where we see D-John once again, this time accompanied with Rodrigo Howell. Rounding out Versace, you’re graced with melodious piano riffs, complimented by the euphonious vocals of Tima Dee, the perfect combination leaving you with a fervent drops filled with velvety progressions.


Artwork: Voodoo Bownz

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