Axel Boy – Feels EP


Known for his harder, hitting singles, Axel Boy as of late has been proving his artistic abilities as a producer and breaking through genre barriers left and right. Between a more futuristic, with hints of the 808 in “Hold On Me” , to ambient and wide wobbles in “Elysium”, to collaborating with heavy-hitter 50 carrot in “Federales” and show-casing artillery-like synths with an even more aggressive bass hits – Axel Boy has the uncanny ability to appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Breaking barriers and going for a more melodic and down-tempo feel, Axel Boy’s three track EP, appropriately titled Feels, hit’s you right in the emotions with each passing track.

Beginning with “Liberty Flute”, also appropriately titled, as euphonious flutes and horns begin to ring, lifting you up as it’s paired harmoniously with velvety synths, bringing you to a state of up-most calm. As “Liberty Flute” gracefully ends, “Feel Like I do” begins cinematically, with gradual strings leading you to amiable drums as the warm vocals drops into wide, swinging synths, keeping you engaged from beginning to end. Lastly, you’re captivated by the sweet bird-like chirps and melodious, sparkling synths in “It’s Been Real”, as each passing sound harmonously agrees with one another, giving a sense of solitude and betterment.

The EP’s entirety is nothing but good vibes, and feel good tracks, a perfect way to end to ring in the Fall.