Axel Boy – 3rd Degree EP

There’s something oddly refreshing hearing music and not being able to automatically pin-point a ‘genre’ and immediately categorizing the track. A feat done almost too numerously; causing perfectly sculpted tracks to be lost amongst a sea of similarity.

One must delve deeper, diversifying their artistic pallet and create sounds unbeknownst to the average ear. Standing out by his genre-bending sound design, UK producer Axel Boy, is at it again with his 3rd Degree EP, available now for purchase via Beatport, Spotify, and iTunes.

Categorizing this eclectic EP as “Twisted Nu-Rave Breaks House”, even those novice to the detailed sub-genres of “EDM” are able to pick up the tempo changes & swift breaks. Jolting one between heart palpitating buildups to sinister basslines, setting the caliber high for the next wave of producers.




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