Alexandre – Apexia EP


There are few and far in-between producers and artists out there who truly have a respect for music as a whole. Instead of only representing and supporting what is currently “in” or having a one-track mind on a specific genre, up-and-coming producer Alexandre takes inspirations from house, hip-hop, dubstep, disco among a multitude of other genres while giving his own future feeling and sound to each individual track – as represented through out his new Apexia EP, available today.

Beginning with via EP-titled “Apexia”, the journey takes you on a rollercoaster ride of cinematic arpeggio’s combined with quick drums – dropping you to a opening of wide, dark celestial-esque synths. You take a quick left turn in “Long Time”, with a future feeling still present, it’s the hint of deep, soulful funk that makes this track resonates with one on another level. “Bright” opens up, keeping the celestial & future flow of the EP while adding on velvety undertones – keeping the track playful and dreamy. As your about to disembark from this , Alexandre leaves you with “Hearts of Glass”; between its shimmering synth patterns and euphonious keys, you’re hanging on to every passing note.

With it’s myriad of feel-good tones – Apexia brings out a pleasant sense of comfort and heart-warming sentiment, as it speaks from the heart and soul of Alexandre. Looking forward to see what else Alexandre has up his sleeve and what 2016 has in store for him.