Borgore Top 10 Memes of the Week 010: Kanye West

It’s beyond safe to say that Kanye West obliterated the Internet this week between his Madison Square Garden live stream which revealed #YeezySeason3 and premiered his new album The Life of Pablo. However, his Twitter feed is a trigger-happy frenzy of absolutely absurd statements and solicitations for money (specifically calling upon Mark Zuckerberg). For those who tuned into his MSG live stream, you were probably already thinking “what the f*ck?!” Although, the Internet always prevails. His strict ties to Tidal have probably made TLOP one of the most pirated albums in history, because let’s face it – Tidal isn’t for everyone and neither is Kanye West. Check out Borgore’s top 10 memes this week concerning the one and only Mr. West:

1] Kanye’s love for Tidal is too real:


2] That awkward moment when you tweet about winning album of the year and then Taylor Swift sub-tweets you in her acceptance speech:


3] By the looks of Kanye’s Twitter, he has a lot more to worry about than winning album of the year:



4] Some people used to think buying ripped jeans was a stupid idea but Kanye has redefined the over priced damaged look:



5] We feel you, Kanye:


6] Managing your illustrious finances can be rough:


7] Kanye also publicly asked for this to be removed from the Internet in it’s entirety:


8] Based off some of Kanye’s recent tweets, Americans can gauge how he will focus his political ralley if he actually decides to run for president #2020:



9] Arbritrary deep thoughts from yours truly:


10] Pro tip: if people don’t like you or your music, just be like Kanye: