[INT 004] YOOKiE Talks Unconventionality In The Studio & New “Freshkimo” EP

Coming out of New York, brothers Anthony and Christopher Alfaro have implemented the ideals of experimentation into their heavy beats and unpredictable soundscape. With much collaboration in 2015 with artists such as Jameston Thieves and Swagglerock making for a successful year, YOOKiE is preparing to utilize 2016 as a time to produce their forthcoming album and to continue their fusion of hyperactive basslines and hard-hitting drops. See what YOOKiE had to say about the upcoming Freshkimo EP and more here.

FRESHKIMO Album Art1. What is it like producing music with your brother?

Its fun and easy. We compliment each other very well. What one of us lacks the other makes up for.

2. How did you guys develop that high energy, bass-infused sound design that has come to define YOOKiE?

I guess it’s our personalities translated into sound. We just experiment a lot until we get a sound we think is cool. There’s a lot of thinking outside the box and unconventional things going on in the studio.

3. Since you’ve previously collabed with Jameston Thieves and Swagglerock on “Get Down,” what was it like collabing with JT on the new release “Xanax Pancakes”?

Collaborating with Jameston Thieves is always a pleasure. Most of the time we’ll have an idea, send it to Jake, and then he sends back a masterpiece. Pretty easy, simple and sweet! Jameston is like a wizard with magical powers. Anything he touches turns to fire!!

4. What were some of your favorite collabs that went down in 2015?

Basically all of our collabs with everyone, especially this EP. Also the Skrillex, Diplo & Justin Bieber collabs and the Snails & Laxx collab just to name a few.

5. What is 2016 looking like thus far (event-wise, collab-wise, any cool plans of your own)?

Definitely taking some time off from releasing tunes to work on an album and we have massive collabs in the works with some heavy hitters so make sure you look out for those.


Be sure to check out Jameston Thieves & YOOKiE’s single “Xanax Pancakes” coming out Thursday, January 28th, as free download & don’t forget to pre-order their new Freshkimo EP – releasing February 5th via Buygore.


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