[INT 002] Party Thieves Weighs In On “Origin,” Exclusive Merch & The NYC Music Community


With massive tunes under his belt that have given him high recognition among the Trap community, such as “House Party” with QUIX & “Chief” alongside ATLiens, Party Thieves has taken the 808 scene to the next level and shows no signs of slowing down. Gaining momentum in 2015, this New York City native is kicking off the new year in full force with an epic collaboration with ‘Classical Bass’ enthusiast JayKode in “Origin”, set to be released this Friday, January 22nd. We sat down with Party Thieves to get the inside scoop on “Origin”, his exclusive merch that’s been flying off the shelves & the NYC music scene that has molded him into who he is today.


Origin Art

What was the inspiration behind the track?

Joey (JayKode) and I have been close friends for a while, kind of stemming off us both making separate but amazing “Runaway” remixes. We both love the epic news behind and instrumentals of a track, and you can definitely tell that the focus of making the track was melodic as well as diverse range of synths.

What can we expect from you throughout the upcoming year?

Music music music. Right now I obviously have “Origin” to release, but also have a collab remix releasing Pegboard Nerds’ “Emoji” (Party Thieves & Dr. Fresch Remix), another huge original set to release in February with Crankdat alongside my Flosstradamus collab & my EP set to release mid-year. Festival play is gonna be fun this year as playing some new festivals I haven’t before.

What’s your favorite thing about the dance music scene in New York?

It may be a bit contradictory, but one thing I love about the dance scene in NY is that there isn’t really one. The music community in NY is so diverse that I wouldn’t call it a dance music scene, but instead just a music community. Everyone is on their own grind and we all appreciate each other’s work and dedication to grow NY’s music culture both in dance, hip hop, or whatever it may be. It’s like the cool kids are all in LA, forming our own little misfits’ table to sit at.

Do you feel that New York City pizza lives up to the hype?

If you know where to go – from dollar slices to gourmet I can tell you pizza in NY can’t be matched.

Can we expect a return of Lazy Boyz anytime soon?

Very much so. Myself, Aaron, & Trevor (other members) have a lot of plans for this coming year release-wise but also shows. Expect to start seeing that project on the market soon!

Do you have any other exclusive merch releases coming in 2016?

Yes always! I’ve always been indecisive when it comes to merchandise. I want my fans to have access to merch and items related to my brand for them to cherish; but at the same time, I want each owner to have a sense of exclusiveness in the sense that they are truly 1 of 100 owners of whatever merch item it may be. The true fans will always scope gear first. Expect some new items on the merch collection as well as a shirt collab w/ Boogie Made for this year.

As we kick off 2016, what are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

I really want to start calling my mom at least once a week. I travel a lot obviously with tour and don’t always have time to reach out; I want to do this more consistently with calling all of my family. Also, I’d say eating healthier. With my schedule, I definitely need to treat my body with more respect.

Anything interesting that you’re trying to cross off your bucket lists in 2016?

Pay my parents mortgage.


Be on the lookout for JayKode’s & Party Thieves epic 808 banger “Origin”, coming out this Friday January 22nd.


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