[INT 020] Blaqout Lock & Loads For Upcoming EP Release

Descending from the city of El Paso, Texas, Lance Dean now finds himself in the middle of the bass music scene in St. Louis, Missouri operating under the DJ/producer handle Blaqout. While the young producer got an early start in the electronic music world at the adolescent age of 15, his raucous originals and remixes are not one to overlook as Blaqout counts down to his Buygore EP debut properly entitled Lock & Load, out for release on 8/30. With substantial support from heavy hitters in the bass scene such as Figure, Snails, G Jones, and many more, Blaqout promises to continue making waves in his corner of the industry starting with the release of Lock & Load. Take a look at Buygore’s interview with Blaqout as he talks about his rise in becoming the producer he is today here:

1. How did you start producing under the moniker Blaqout?

I adopted the alias when I first started producing at age 15. Back in those days, I wanted to produce hardstyle and one of the vocal samples I had in my library was a really low-pitched phrase yelling, “black out.” Originally, my alias was supposed to be the name of that song. Being really bad at naming things, I just decided to call myself “Blaqout.”

2. What is the dubstep/bass scene like in St. Louis, Missouri?

St. Louis has got to be one of the most diverse, yet in-depth scenes I’ve ever experienced/been a part of. All of the major tours come here, and you have the really filthy lineups at shows like Dub Roots and Jingle the Bass. The scene in St. Louis really loves their heavy dubstep, and they aren’t afraid to let you know!


3. How do you feel that getting into music production at such an early age influenced your career?

I’ve always been a music kid, playing brass instruments at a young age. Ever since age 10, music has been a major influence in my life. Learning about it so early on has really given me the opportunity to dive as deep into it as possible. Plus, back in the high school days there wasn’t very much to do in my town of Waynesville, MO, so there were days on end that I’d lock myself in my room. Producing, learning about producing, and producing some more.

4. Which artists have been your greatest inspirations and who would you like to see yourself working with in the future?

I have a lot of influences, when it comes to bass music. Artists like Coki and Benga found their ways into my ear buds early on and then Skrillex, Borgore and Datsik really came into my music library after that. Now, I find inspiration from so many artists that it’s impossible to really narrow it down further! Slushii, and Megalodon are both killing it on their sound design and mixdown game. Them, as well as Borgore, Yookie and Getter are all artists I’d love to work with in some way. You can really tell they put their work in really well as producers.



5. What helps you get into the zone production-wise?

Being a character of high anxiety and stress, the mood has to be just right. A lot of the time green tea, ice-cold water and a fresh Ableton project are all I need to crank out a song in a day. Other times, going on walks and hikes in the woods gets my mind right into gear before a session in the studio.

6. How was your summer? Do you have anything your looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Summer was great! I got the honors of supporting a lot of the artists that have inspired me throughout the years, the production has been at an all-time high, and the relaxation has been real. Meeting so many awesome people has definitely helped make this summer, too.

I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming EP release on the 30th, it’s been long in the works and it’s been a pleasure working with the Ragga Twins as they’re both vocalists I’ve really enjoyed the works of recently. Upcoming shows in Atlanta, Kansas City, and Detroit are all shows I’m looking forward to tremendously! It’s always a blast meeting new people and getting down to heavy music with them.


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