[INT 019] Bailo Counts Down To Debut ‘Versace’ EP Release


This Friday, the electronic music scene will finally hear the sounds of New York-based DJ/producer Bailo’s debut Versace EP. After gaining musical influences from his Italian grandfather, Gennaro Bailo is ready to make waves with his forthcoming three-track project. With the support of big industry names like DJ Snake, NGHTMRE, Kennedy Jones, and many more, Bailo’s name is one you will only hear more of in the upcoming months. As Buygore counts down to Versace, Bailo shared his thoughts with us on the EP and the path he took to get to where he is today. Read about Bailo’s debut EP here:


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1. Tell us more about how your grandfather has been one of your biggest supporters and inspirations.

My grandfather was the first person in my life to really introduce me to music. He was a talented, old-school, Italian singer with a powerful voice that drove me to search for my own inner talents. I began to sing and then started gaining interest in other parts of music. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.

2. Your collection of releases has spanned many genres from hardstyle influences to classic trap music. Which electronic artists would you say have inspired you the most in your transition to producing and becoming a DJ?

Hands down – Riot Ten, NGHTMRE, FIGHT CLVB, Kennedy Jones, 4B & DJ Snake. These guys helped me, not only musically become better, but taught me so many lessons about the industry and shaped up who I am as a person. I thank them for that.

3. How has growing up in the Concrete Jungle helped shape your music career?

The concrete jungle is one of the hardest cities to live in. New York is full of lions and definently full of snakes. You have to worry about both your individuality and avoidance of those who want to harm you. Basically, I stay at home where I continue to make tunes and otherwise spend time with my team. I’m proud of all that I accomplished in this city, but it’s time to turn the page and see where else I’ll go.

4. Which track off your debut EP Versace is your personal favorite?

I have to say it was important to me that every record on this EP carried its own weight and be diverse, but I would have to say my tune “Batman” holds a special place for me. When D-John & Rodrigo Howell sent me the WIP to this tune, I knew I had to hop on/put my spin on it. It is constant high energy throughout and the drops get everyone going crazy. “Batman” was also one of the most heavily supported tunes off the EP being played at festivals up until current… Shoutout to 4B, Kennedy Jones, Riggi & Piros, FIGHT CLVB & KANDY for the early support.

5. How did you end up working with Tima Dee on “Down Here”?

Before I had her hop on the track, I had sent it to my homie, Nappy, to see what he thought and also told him I needed a vocalist. Nappy recommended I work with Tima Dee and sent me some of her tunes to listen to. I loved her voice and felt it would be perfect for the track. She loved the production. With that, “Down Here” was born.

6. Do you have any exciting plans for 2016? How has your summer been so far?

I just want to say that this has been the best summer I could ask for. The Versace Tour has been a blast – meeting new people, traveling so frequently, seeing different cities. I dreamed of being on tour, doing this. Doing what I love. This is just the start, and to think I’m doing it with the Buygore Family? Craziness. With that said, be on the look out for my festival debut this year, as well as some crazy collabs. I want to thank all my supporters, old & new, for truly believing in my talent and not giving up on me. Also, I want to make a special shoutout to my manager, Eric Cuadrado, who has been pushing me and making me work extra, extra hard to see my dreams come true. Hard work truly pays off.



Album Artwork: Voodoo Bownz

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