[INT 018] Holly Goes in Depth on the Portugal Music Scene & Upcoming Forward EP

Hailing from Portugal, Holly, an up-and-coming ‘must hear’ for those who appreciate perfected sound design alongside bellowing 808’s, makes his official Buygore debut in upcoming Forward EP. As heard on the most recent edition of Noisia Radio (S02E25) , and gaining support from  some of the best in the bass community – Forward is only the mere beginning for this young producer. Featuring collaborations with Lux.Impala, Eljay, Senojnayr & more – this EP is not for the faint hearted, proving experimental & bass music is more alive now than ever.

holly 2

1) Since you’re based out of Portugal, can you tell us how you first got into electronic music and what inspired you to pursue music?

I got into electronic music when I was really young, I think it was maybe when I was 4/5 years old. By that time, I used to spend my afternoons making Lego cities with my older brother and listening to music, and we had a CD player plus a couple The Prodigy albums. So my days were all about building Lego’s cities and listening to The Prodigy, which is my main influence and changed my whole artistic perception for my whole life. The amount of diversity musical backgrounds, experimental ambients and melodies that they could place on their sound was something that arouse my attention to start exploring more electronic music and to get into it. Later, when I was 17 years old (4 years ago), I was really into Punk Hardcore, Hip Hop, Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep so I started going out to clubs, raves and festivals and started my contact with electronic music directly live, not just by listening to it in my mp3 or CD player. And then, a year later, I started making my first beats and experiences with music!

I honestly don’t know what made me to pursue music; it seems something really otherworldly and supernatural. When you do an art, you can’t explain why you do it, you feel me? It just something that one day you wake up and you feel that something is missing in your life to be complete with yourself and then, you find that in something that you call your art and craft. Since I remember, I always felt the need of having something where I could explore and express myself and where I can work to be a better person and human being, and music happened as an answer for all those doubts and questions that I asked myself.

2) What do you enjoy most about the music scene in Portugal?

The music scene here in Portugal is something really weird and small. We have really dope producers but the scene here is small for bass/experimental music and the crowd in general is not really open minded to new concepts, ideas, and sounds. Besides that, the thing that I honestly most enjoy about the music scene in Portugal is being able to go enjoy it with my closer friends and with my family. It’s about going to see a music show with my close homies and have a good time or going to play somewhere and be able to bring my people with me. Portugal is such a calm and beautiful country as well, so being able to make music in such a beautiful place helps me a lot to get new ideas and concepts!

3) What was your favorite part about creating your forthcoming EP  Forward?

I think my favorite part about creating my EP Forward was the short period of time that I had to do it. It was like mid December when Nappy (huge shout out to Nappy btw!) reached me out to make an EP for Buygore, and he was like “Yo do you want to make an EP until the end of the year for Buygore?” and it was just two weeks until the end of the year (thats why one of the songs is called “Two Weeks”) so that seemed a really cool challenge for me to make an EP in such a short period of time. I had a few collaborations going on that time so I talked with Styn, Senojnayr, Lux.Impala, Eljay and AYA to know if they were down to finish it on time so it was easy to wrap the EP in time. It was such a fun and interesting challenge to doing it with a short deadline.

4) How did you recruit Styn, Senojnayr, Lux.Impala, Eljay, & AYA to collab on the EP?

Their work is insane and I love everything they do. I have been following them for a while and by the last winter I reached out to them via email and soundcloud DM’s to work on some of my ideas. They are all dope producers and interesting human beings so all the collabs came out really organic and natural. I loved to work with each one of them; everybody should check out their work!

5) What do you have planned for the summer? Do you have any upcoming collabs that you’re excited about?

My plans for summer are all about staying at home making music everyday, to play some gigs, and to do a few travels around Europe and to travel to LA. I also have an upcoming tour outside of Europe to announce soon that i’m really excited about! About the collabs, I can’t wait to release some songs during the summer that I made with JSTJR, Woolymammoth, DJ 4B, Four Color Zack, ATLiens, Instant Party, Big Makk, Ducky, Phonat, Kompany, Ruxell and many more to name a few..! x

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