[INT 017] LA Riots Talks New Single, Drum & Bass Community, & The Future

la riots
1. Congratulations on the new release! How did you guys come together with Ayah Marar on “Stay With Me?”  
I met Ayah on the major label songwriting circuit in LA.  She was all over the radio with her Calvin Harris release and I was producing major label artists at the time.    She saw my Good Looking Records release from over a decade ago framed on my wall, and we quickly moved into drum & bass talk and ended up working in that direction, which fit in great for LA Riots.  

2. Since LA Riots is known for merging various genres of music, especially outside the electronic world, what is your favorite style of music to produce? Are there any genres out there you’d like to produce more of? 


We like to make a lot of different music, everything from indie rock to drum & bass.   LA Riots is a great way to work a lot of different styles into one act.  We’re going in a drum & bass direction at the moment, but we don’t see any one sub-genre being too dominant, we want to focus on good electronic music we’d love to listen to.  
3. How do you guys feel about the drum & bass scene these days? Who have been some of your greatest influences within this sub-genre?
We don’t follow the DnB scene too closely.  We’ve worked with Hospital Records on some toplines and vocal production recently, and will listen to dnb mixes here and there, but we’re not tuned into each and every track like we used to be in the late 90s.   LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush & Optical, Teebee, Matrix & Futurebound, Metrik are all favorites, past and present.  


4. You guys have been busy traveling around the globe a lot recently, which cities have you enjoyed the most while touring?
The past couple of years we have been getting a chance to tour quite a bit in Asia and that’s been pretty amazing.  China has really been starting to pop off and we just did Manila in the Philippines a few months ago and it was great.  The energy in that part of the world is really good and theyre relatively new to a lot of the stuff we were playing.  We have also been playing in Hawaii quite a bit the last few years and it just keeps getting better and better.  They’ve got a really good scene out there and it’s growing..


5. Where do you guys see LA Riots going in the future? Do you have any upcoming collaborations or releases planned? 
We want to take it to a more general electronic music act that isn’t genre-locked, the only real emphasis will be on great songs we love.  From full on dancefloor bangers to more chill tracks, there’s a pretty full range of music lined up.  We are also starting to collab with different artists but that stuff is all in beginning stages so not really ready to be discussed at the moment.
6. In terms of festival season and the rest of 2016, what would you say you are most anticipating this year? 
 Right now we are really focused on getting music out.  We took a bit of time off from doing remixes but literally just finished up doing one for A-Trak and one for Rain Man and are looking to do some more of those as well as writing more originals.