[INT 015]: TastyTreat Counts Down To Buygore Debut With ‘Wayward’ EP

After several months in the vault, John Smith and Devin Hardy of LA-based duo TastyTreat are counting down the days to their forthcoming Wayward EP. The three-track EP will be TastyTreat’s official Buygore debut this Friday, May 20th. TastyTreat has already given listeners a taste of what’s to come with a track off Wayward entitled “My Crew,” featuring K Theory’s own Malcolm Anthony. As TastyTreat prepares for their Buygore debut, we talked to John and Devin about EP collaborations with rising hip hop stars Malcolm Anthony, YLTI & Gino Driggs, electronic Drake music, and the Buygore Las Vegas pool party. See what TastyTreat has to say about Wayward here:


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1) Following the release of “My Crew” featuring K Theory’s Malcolm Anthony, how did this collab originate?

Malcolm is literally one of our best friends in the music scene and we do a lot of shit together when it comes to performing. We had him come out for our Coachella set on the DoLaB stage last year and we performed all of SXSW together this year. We have the same general vision of where we want to go in music as well. So this is kinda a testament to our friendship and hard work ethic.


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2) What other collaborations can we expect from your debut EP?

We were fortunate enough to get to work with two other very talented vocalists and rappers Gino Driggs and Ylti who are both part of the Buygore crew. We have both of them going in on one track which we thought was perfect for the two of their styles. They compliment each other very well throughout the track.

3) Which is your favorite track off Wayward?

Man, they are all our love childs and we are really happy with how each turned out.

Dev: I’d have to say “The Struggle” because the boys Gino Driggs and Ylti really crushed it lyrically and the multi-genre spectrum is just crazy.

John: Honestly same. Although, I’m also really proud of “Ascension” as well because its side of production you haven’t really heard from us. We really stepped out of comfort zone to bring y’all that one.

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4) Who would be a dream collab for you guys to work with?

Dev: Mura Masa, the kid is crazy. And forever Drake.

John: Lido, Chance the Rapper, Skepta, myself.


5) What is one thing you guys want to accomplish throughout 2016?

What we want to accomplish in 2016 is working with more experienced vocalists in every genre if possible. We have had the pleasure with working with so many like MOONzz, Tribes, Madi, and Malcolm Anthony to name a few. We just want to keep that momentum going.

6) Lastly, do you guys have anything special planned for festival season?

We are definitely very excited for our first Buygore party in Vegas during EDC week. May be making a few surprise appearances here and there on the festival circuit, but mostly just finishing music for the last part of the year.


Grab your tickets for the Buygore Las Vegas pool party here: www.foxtailpool.com/BUYGORE


Pre-order the Wayward EP via iTunes here: www.itunes.apple.com/wayward


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