[INT 012] Terravita Tells All About Touring, New Fallen EP, & Dubstep Collaborations

Lock and load for Terravita’s forthcoming Fallen EP, a five-piece compilation of infiltrating bass music featuring a selection of dubstep’s finest. Hailing from Boston and Los Angeles, Terravita has built a dedicated bass head fan base across the country, notably due to the Safe In Sound Festival tour. The title track “Fallen” featuring Th3 Cats demonstrates the bass music duet’s diverse taste in heavy electronic production, while other tracks feature the likes of BARE, Tima Dee, and more. You can hear most of the EP below on Soundcloud, while the full-length EP will drop Friday, April 22nd. We asked Terravita a few questions about going on tour, the new EP, and more. Check out what Terravita has to say about Fallen here:

1. So you guys just kicked off the Buygore Presents The Fallen EP Tour. How has it been so far? Which tour stops are you most excited for?

The tour is has been amazing! Definitely excited to come home to Boston…and always excited for the LA shows (announcing soon).  Also stoked on the festivals coming up like Global Dance at Red rocks.

2. How would you sum up your upcoming Fallen EP in one word? What was your favorite part about producing the new EP?

Diverse. Favorite part of producing the new was having the freedom to go outside the box and do something different for us.

3. Fallen features a variety of collaborators from Riot Ten to Half Empty. How did these collabs originally come together?

The Riot Ten one came about while we were hanging out backstage at Safe In Sound in Salt Lake.  We wanted to work together and this is what came out! Half Empty is a good friend. We were in the studio one night and were just inspired on that one. It came out in one session. Th3 Cats collab came about because we had previously worked with them. The Tima Dee one came about because she was a fan of our music and actually had written these vocals for another track and we sat on them for a while and then we got inspired to use them here!  And the BARE collab came about because we are super close and he is the homie. Expect a lot more with BARE coming up.

4. Terravita is also known for the high energy Safe In Sound Festival Tour. What was that experience like for you guys this time around?

We love Safe In Sound! It’s always amazing to be on the stage in front of that many bass heads every night and alongside such amazing artists. Playing on that PK sound system is always a good time. It is a pretty hectic tour, but we love it. We look forward to it every year!

5. How do you guys feel your sound evolving as you continue to progress and grow both creatively and musically?

We are going in a natural direct mixing what we use to do with what we are inspired to do now. Also with Jon being a rapper we will have more of him on the tracks and just vocals in general.  We are focusing on writing cool songs instead of just dance tracks.

6. Finally, what is 2016 looking like for you guys?

2016 is looking great! Happy to be a part of the Buygore team.  Feeling great about the new music. Happy to be on a lot of festivals again this summer. Watch out for us getting together a lot more music to release later this year!



Purchase The Fallen EP Below:

Beatport: pro.beatport.com/release/the-fallen-ep/1734674
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/3nwdPRpBhu2hHSxeRZc7X2
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-fal…-ep/id1094405219


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