[INT 011]: MYRNE On New Fundamentals EP, Blending Genres, & Life in Singapore


Internationally-based electronic music producer MYRNE is getting ready for the release of his forthcoming Fundamentals EP. MYRNE’s latest four-track EP features a choice selection of rising electronic artists including fzpz, Revazz, Gill Chang, and Holly, offering an assorted mix of influences and genres. In addition to long hours spent in the studio, MYRNE also possesses a background in classical music training in which he feeds into his electronic style. Read what MYRNE has to say about his upcoming EP, living in Singapore, and collaborating for one his most diverse pieces of work yet:


What was it like producing your forthcoming Fundamentals EP? What inspired you throughout the process?

It started and ended really quickly in a burst of inspiration. It moved along faster than my first EP, because I was so excited about working with my friends. I wanted to explore the very basics of creating and artistic growth, which for me, was collaboration (thus the name Fundamentals). I love working with other people. So I reached out to 4 rising producers extremely skilled in their areas of expertise (fzpz, Revazz, Gill Chang, Holly) and asked to work. It was a buzz combining each of their deep-set influences with my sound, and in each track you can clearly hear elements of each producer.

How do you feel your classical background influences your production skillset?

Music theory just taught me to be comfortable with chord progressions and trained an ear for melodies. Skills that aren’t hard to pick up without a formal education! I dabbled in ragtime & jazz piano for many years, only finding it to include that knowledge it in my productions fairly recently. You’ll hear it mostly in the slew of remixes I have coming out.

You just dropped “Pretty Things” with Gill Chang about a week ago. How did the collaboration come together?

We’ve been sitting on it for a long time – It didn’t sound so full when we had it as a demo 4 months before. When we were both still pretty young in our careers (sometime October 2015), he sent over some of his trademark chords and I vibed off them so much, I had an idea to experiment with instrumentals of a darker, ruder vein. I’ve always been doing this stuff with lush chords and synths for so long, I was itching to switch it up. Even though I’ve had this play for 5-6 months in the background I’m still very proud of it. It’s such an offensive song.


How would you describe your unique blend of sounds to those who haven’t heard your music?

I’d say it’s a touch of everything I admire – jersey club, funk, gospel, syncopation, soul, romanticism, pop, hip-hop, electronica – wrapped up in huge, thick stabs. But I get inspired by something new every day, be it a genre or a form of art, and it almost always finds its way into my music. I’ll probably say something different next year.

What is your favorite part about being based out of Singapore as an electronic music producer?

As an insanely young nation it’s incredible, because there’s this huge, largely blank canvas waiting for history to be made. There are a lot of extremely talented cats out here (like fzpz), whose deep, soul vibes keep me wondering if we both grew up on the same island. We had a growing techno era in the 90/00s, but no deep-seated local legacies – like Chicago’s house, Berlin’s techno or the hip-hop in Atlanta. There isn’t much history a young kid itching to create can go back to, much less be proud of. Throw in the power of the Internet and you’ll have a formula for unbiased, unpredictable music. I’m looking forward to that.

Finally, what do you have planned for 2016? Is there anything in particular you are most excited for?

I just got out after spending 2 years in the draft (military), so I know better than to let time slip by. I have a few remixes coming out for creators I admire. I’m spending on average 7-8 hours a day in front of Ableton, just evolving my sound. Honestly I’m looking forward most to playing my songs to people all over the world, and hanging out & kicking it with some URL friends.


You can pre-order MYRNE’s Fundamentals EP via iTunes here and get ready to drop this upcoming Friday!


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