[INT 010] Spag Heddy Discusses His North American Tour, Living In Barcelona, & The Current Dubstep Scene


Originally coming out of the Netherlands, and now currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, Spag Heddy is unquestionably one of the foremost artists who is keeping the dubstep game alive with heavy, fresh soundscapes that always seem to one up the last. If you love dubstep and aggressive bass music, then Spag Heddy is undeniably one of the artists to keep tabs on as he prepares to drop his forthcoming EP via Buygore Records. Following his inaugural Buygore release four months ago, an absolute head banger remix of Stereoliez“Paper Chaser” feat. Armanni Reign, Spag Heddy is priming dub heads for his much anticipated OG Meatball EP, a four-track anthology of which encompasses his recognizable sonic architecture, dirty basslines, and a splash of reggae influences. Spag Heddy’s studio production skillset has never failed, appointing his pure blasts of wobbly bass sounds to the forefront of the bass music scene.


BuygorePoolParty_MMW_@jennicamaephoto_JennicaAbrams2016-33Photo: Jennica Mae Photography

1. You’re currently halfway through your North American tour, how’s it going so far? Which stops are you most excited for?

The tour is absolutely amazing already. Having such a tight schedule with shows all over the country means basically living in airports and airplanes, but landing in a new city and getting to play for juiced up crowds makes it so worth it. I was obviously super excited to play my first ever festival at Beyond Wonderland, and mega proud to be playing at the WMC Buygore Poolparty, but honestly I’m just as excited for any big as small show, it’s about getting rowdy and connecting on good music with each other and that has no boundaries as to where that happens! I feel humbled that no matter where I play there’s always people that drive long hours just to see me.

2. How was playing during Miami Music Week at the Buygore Pool Party? Do you have any crazy stories from the Miami madness?

Like most people there I hadn’t slept as I came straight from Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, which added to the crazy, ravy experience of it all. It was awesome and special to party in the middle of the day in Miami Beach with everyone in their swim outfits. The backstage/VIP was just as crowded and wild as the main stage and I just had a great time hanging and fooling around with other dj’s, promoters, managers etc. getting sushi and later closing the night with an absolute banger of a show of Brillz and LAXX b2b Herobust. After all this I basically had to get wiped up from the floor.

BuygorePoolParty_MMW_@jennicamaephoto_JennicaAbrams2016-34Photo: Jennica Mae Photography

3. Although you’re originally from the Netherlands, you’re currently living in Barcelona. Does the culture of Barcelona influence your production in any way?

It does in an indirect way. I currently live a little outside of Barcelona and here is no bass music scene, which doesn’t really matter to me. I love going out of the house and be in a different culture/environment. I enjoy the Spanish food and music and the very relaxed way of things go here. Having some quality time off is almost just as important as production time itself. I’ve actually been playing with some flamenco stuff in my new ideas and I think it could work really well, it gets you off your feet.

4. Your official remix of The Chainsmokers “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya is gaining a ton of momentum. What is the story behind this heavy remix?

I was super excited when this remix request came in, as the track is awesome and Daya’s vocals are beautiful. I spent a lot of time on a remix for it, but the feedback was that it felt a bit too ’safe’, and I had to admit that was right. So I started from scratch, played around with a preset I’d made in another track and came to this crazy dogwhistle kinda sound. It felt more true to myself as I’ve always loved making screamy and high-pitched sounds, but it was still a little different and new. Next to that I find the drop a great ‘answer’ to the lyrics.


5. What is your absolute favorite thing about the heavy bass/dubstep scene today?

The people, their love for the music. After the big worldwide dubstep explosion it died a little in popularity, which resulted in a smaller, but dedicated scene. At dubstep shows you only see people that come for just that. It gives the goosebumps every time the crowd goes wild when that certain track gets dropped, or the extra explosion of awe when it’s a VIP, or an edit, a new track. And that goes on all night long with non-stop energy. My least favorite thing is probably the ‘online community’ with all it’s expert bullshitting and hate, the people that actually come to the shows are keeping this thing alive and kicking, now more than ever.

6. Lastly, what are you looking forward to in 2016? Do you have any special collaborations or releases coming up that you can tell us about?

This tour has given me mountains of inspiration and I can’t wait to get to producing again. I’m excited to have the OG Meatball EP coming out as it will show some different sounds from me that I will be working on more. Next to that I’ve got a good number of releases scheduled, and am collabing with some awesome producers like Soltan, Dubloadz, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and more that I don’t wanna name just yet, but 2016 promises to be fire!



Keep an eye out for Spag Heddy’s forthcoming OG Meatball EP this Friday April 8th via Buygore Records.

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