Hailing from Argentina, Dabow is someone we’ve had our eye on for a minute. His maniacal sound design heard in track after track is what’s been putting him on the map – pulling cultural influences from around the world while experimenting with a wide array of textured rhythm. You never know what to expect, from deep, sub bass growls to bellowing 808’s and even dabble with euphonious instruments. His latest EP release on Buygore, titled Louder, was only a minute example of the talent Dabow holds. With his upcoming Namaste EP (dropping 3/11), Dabow sat down with us to speak about what inspired him, his life is Argentina and what’s to come. Check it out below and be on the lookout for Namaste with feature from Mistic Eye Rock, and collaborations with Ruxell and Tapecut!
1) Why did you choose “Namaste” to be the name of the EP?
 I chose “Namaste” because it’s got a deep and simple concept. It means “My soul greets your soul” In Sanscrit, an Indian language. It also is a common term in the world of Yoga, which is a big part of my life.
2) Who were your main influences while producing  Namaste?
For this EP I’ve was influenced by Mr Carmack, Troyboi, Alexander Lewis, Quix and my Dad (Mistic Eye Rock). They are all amazing musicians and influence my work everyday.

3) How did the collaborations on  Namaste  originate?
Both collabs were started by the collaborators, Ruxell and Tapecut. They sent me some sick stuff that I really wanted to add my flavor to. Big thanks to them for letting me work on the music! The one with Mistic Eye Rock was one song I did and needed some guitar magic. I thought to myself, “Why not my Dad?” He’s awesome, so talented, and the phrases he does are full of feeling. That’s what I look for in music, full of feelings and emotion. 🙂 (Namaste for all of them)
4) What other new released do you have under your belt that you can tell us about?
Oh, I’ve got some fire to be releases in the works! I’m a big friend of the Buygore crew 😉 We’ve got a lot more to do this year including a single that I’m really excited about! I would say stay posted and open to surprises. I’ve got some BIG collabs for this year, I can’t wait to announce them!

5) What is it like living in Argentina? How has the dance music scene there influenced your musical background?
Argentina is difficult with the music scene, especially with Trap. There hasn’t been any Dabow shows in Argentina yet. Even after I toured Australia. But that will change soon! I live in a wonderful place in Patagonia called El Bolson. Patagonia, along with the mountains, rivers, lakes, and nature all influence my music. That’s what Dabow is about! Music based on nature (or that’s what I try)
6) What are you looking forward to in 2016?
In 2016 I’m looking forward to traveling and hopefully meeting some of my musical influences and friends. I want to make the best music I can, and focus on being honest with myself, and becoming a better and better a person everyday.

Be on the lookout for Dabow’s Namaste EP, dropping this Friday, March 11th via Buygore Records
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