Each EP getting darker and more sinister than the next, POINT.BLANK proves with each passing EP Dubstep is anything but dead. He say down with the Buygore team to talk about Dubstep, his upcoming Awake EP, and what’s in store for 2016 below.



1. What’s the dubstep situation like over in Belgium?
It used to be huge 3-5 years ago. Party’s every weekend with the biggest names in the scene. We had a fallback for a few year but feel like it’s coming back now. Love to play in Belgium, a young but enthusiastic crowd.
2. How has it been working your new  Awake  EP? What’s your favorite track off the EP?
It took me a while to make this EP. I actually stopped making music for a few months because of my personal life. Had some struggles but got back to making music. That was the start of this EP. Paperboy is my favorite track. We also made a music video for it.

3. What were some of your influences for the EP?  
Music goes along with feelings. I like the recent dubstep style but I prefer the 2010-12 Dubstep vibes. I love hiphop, so most of my music is influenced by hiphop and gangster stuff *laughs*
4. You recently asked your Facebook fans what their favorite dubstep tune is at the moment. What are some of your current top dubstep tracks?
Here’s a few:
Phiso – perish song (good kid, carzy and original tunes)
Midnight Tyrannosaurus x EH!DE – Planet Purge (what a tune! No explanation needed)
Trampa – Dance up (Trampa bin making some sick original stuff!)


5. What do you have planned for 2016 as of now?
As far as music, working on a bunch of new stuff. Some collaborations and some single tracks. Working on the next Buygore release. For gigs, planning a Canada and Australia tour, playing a few shows in Europe and trying to hit a few festivals.


Be on the lookout for yet another killer POINT.BLANK EP titled Awake, dropping this Friday, February 26th. 




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