[INT 006] Jackal Speaks on Working with Dr. Fresch & Transitioning from UK – LA

Hailing from the UK – fusing breaks with heavy 808’s, Jackal has been taking the electronic scene by storm. Between his infamous “Shakedown“, to “Chinchilla” (as seen on a Carls Jr. commercials near you) to his most recent “Animal Style” – he’s back and heavier than ever with “Netflix N Kill“, the highly anticipated collaboration with LA native Dr. Fresch, releasing via Buygore February 12th. Jackal took a few minutes to talk with us about working with Dr. Fresch & his transition from the UK to LA.jackalPhoto: Insomniac – EDC Orlando 2015


1. What has it been like living out in LA since you moved from the UK?

It was a shock to system cos everything is SO different. But i wanted to be here since i was like 7 and i’m in love with it. I never want to leave.

2. What’s the one thing you miss the most from home?
Actual bacon that isn’t just some gross strip of fat. Or maybe my all my best friends, genuinely cant decide :/


3. How did you and Dr. Fresch first start collabing on “Netflix and Kill”?
Dr. Fresch hit me up on twitter and we made the track the following week in like a day. I wanted to make something really energetic at a house tempo whilst using some crazy Dr. Fresch sounds i wouldn’t normal use in an original.

4. You were just announced on the Electric Forest lineup, how excited are you to play in the forest? 
So fuckin’ stoked.

5. What was your personal favorite song of 2015?
Post Malone – White Iverson

6. What are you anticipating most for 2016?


Be on the lookout for the highly anticipated Jackal x Dr. Fresch collab “Netflix N Kill” dropping this Friday, February 19th.