[INT 005] Axel Boy Talks About UK Dance Music, His Inspiration, and What’s Next In 2016

It’s refreshing for an up-and-coming Producer to really diversify their pallet and experience with multiple genres. Hailing from Bristol, Axel Boy does just that; using UK influences mixed with raw emotion – he provides fervid track after track. Hang with Axel Boy below as he talks about his influences, upcoming 3rd Degree EP and what’s planned for 2016 below.

Axel Boy - 3rd Degree EP - Final

1) Being from Bristol, UK, how would you say the music culture over there has taken affect on your personal style of bass music?

The UK used to be at the forefront of heavy bass music for quite some time. I remember back in 2011-2012-2013 we were blessed with international artists on our doorstep every week. Bristol has always been a monumental city for bass music. There used to be a number of events in multiple clubs around the city showcasing the best in heavy Dubstep and Drum & Bass. There was always a really strong home-grown sound that inspired me a lot and was consistent in events around the UK. From the brighter side of the sound we had the Circus lads, We also had the likes of Skream & Benga, Rusko as well as the Bristol born sound that was much darker – Hench Records. Of course we still have Never Say Die holding it down for the UK, but the following & demand for that sound in this country has definitely declined and is currently much more popular over-seas.

The big craze right now in this country is Deep House, Garage, UK Bass House & Grime, D&B is still very popular. As far as dubstep goes there is very little in the way of the heavy stuff, however the original sound is still rather prominent. I literally went to a Deep Medi night on friday and saw the likes of Mala, Kromestar & Kaiju etc. That was awesome! But for me, I’m much more about the brighter sound which I crave! unfortunately it is lacking in the UK right now – with the exception of a few sick events in London. All in all i’d say my taste for music resides with sounds that mainly come from overseas these days – lots coming from the States.

2) What is your favorite aspect of the UK dance music scene?

My favorite aspects of the scene have definitely come and go for now, as described above. But I love the remaining UK artists in the heavy dubstep scene, the likes of Trampa, Skism, Zomboy, Badklaat etc, all these UK guys are still holding it down and when we all do get to a UK event together it is always SICK. I have lots of time for the original dubstep sound, that is still very much being held down here in the UK. I’m partial to the UK bass-house sound as well, its cool to see the Americans taking it to a more energetic level too! I guess unless your into the Techno or House, the remainder of the ‘Hype’ sound resides in D&B, bass house & Grime here, there is even a revival of UK Bass-line coming through again right now! Its funny because I was massively into grime back in 07-11, then it sort of died off. Now its back again every house shuffler who is looking for a new trend to follow has jumped on the ‘shutdown’ bandwagon, which quite frankly makes me laugh. I just think its much more watered down these days!

For me Dubstep was always the hype genre…

I could go on for hours about the state of UK dance music scene haha. I guess for one thing, the ravers know what they want, they know how to rave, they are not as easily ‘won over’ as ravers from other countries!

3) How would you describe the sounds off your forthcoming 3rd Degree EP?

I would describe the EP as a fusion of twisted breaks / bass-house with elements of trap and dubstep – painted on a palette of the UK 90’s rave sound.

4) You often say that your style varies depending on how you feel. What emotions would you tie in with 3rd Degree?

When I thought of the concept for the EP I was on my first USA tour, so generally I was pretty hyped and in the club music state of mind. I was very inspired by the USA bass-house sound and I wanted to take it in my own direction. I had just finished off writing my ‘Feels’ EP at the time too so I was ready to get back in the studio and start writing some more craziness. In a few words I would say the EP symbolizing, Raving, Intoxication, Dancing, Staying out to the early hours, just straight up having fun and loving thy raver, haha.

I particularly like how the EP blends a sort of Big Room sound with hints of the darker UK club sound, I think it touches on many emotions in that respect.

5) Why did you choose to drop “Work That” as the first single off the EP? What was the concept behind that track?

It was the first track off the EP I wrote, so I guess it just felt fitting to put that one out first! I think it really set the scene for how I wanted the EP to end up sounding like. The overall concept & theme of the track is inspired by pole-dancing actually haha, hence the vocal –  ‘Work That Pole’.

The goal when writing it was to really try and fit as many different sonics in there as possible! Everything in the track works together to provide a very club-friendly end result. I deliberately kept the continuous switch ups through-out to really capitalize on keeping the listener engaged and excited.

6) What can we expect from you throughout 2016?

Expect lots! I am already in process of writing more music, I have some more Dubstep up my sleeve that is soon to come. I am also focussing very heavily on writing another melodic, future bass body of work that I am aiming to get some strong vocalists on board for! I am in the last 3 months of University too so I have a lot on my plate. Once I finish Uni in May I will be a free agent, by that point I hope to have some more tours lined up in the states and elsewhere!


Take a sneak peek of what to expect off of Axel Boy’s 3rd Degree EP in “Work That“, available now for free download and get ready for the EP to drop this Friday, February 12th.


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