It seems like every household name in bass music wants a piece of the Buygore pie these days. Such is also the case with Figure, the American bass mogul who teamed with Kool Keith for ‘Entering The Future’ and decided to fire the single over to the label of Borgore.

Meant to wreck clubs for decades to come, ‘Entering The Future’ starts off with futuristic vocals only to blast away with its stellar beats and Kool Keith’s superbly spat raps. The thrilling arrangement runs the show from start to finish and proves that this record will be at the core of the next generation of bass music.

Born Joshua Gard, Figure boasts a catalog spanning over five years and more than a hundred speaker-crushing records. The American-based producer not only kills it in the heavy bass department, but is also known to switch things up and step out of his comfort zone once in a while. ‘Entering The Future’ is a sterling example of what such a mindset can culminate in.

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