Buygore Sits Down with the BAMF Behind Avalon Hollywood: Carle Clayburgh

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

Avalon is one of LA and Hollywood’s most sought after clubs on the West Coast. Newly renovated, it now has one of the most state of the art stages, sound and lighting design in the entire world, not to mention a jaw dropping line up each weekend. Avalon is home to Control Fridays and Avaland Saturdays – both some of the most successful weekly’s in all of Southern California! If you haven’t raged your face off at Avalon until the wee hours of the morning at least once, then you definitely have at least heard of it.

Each and every night we conquer a dance floor or attend a show, we rarely take the time to understand and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into each event; not only does one plan these events, they successfully carry out each detail down to a science, creating a vibe that’s almost contagious.

This brings me to Carle, a.k.a. the woman behind the red curtain at Avalon Hollywood. Carle Clayburgh is the Artist Liaison and Stage Manager at the infamous Avalon Hollywood. For the past several years, Carle and her team advance each show, contact press, handle all tech and hospitality riders, and arrange PR introductions, in addition to opening and closing the club each and every weekend! She makes hundreds of decisions not just once, but three times a week and for the past 7 years. Do the math – this girl practically has a Masters in the Industry!

Carle at Avalon

We recently had the honor of getting up close and personal in this v fun and v epic Q&A with Carle Clayburgh, Avalon Hollywood’s Big Bad Wolf (jk, she’s actually the sweetest, most down to earth girl on the planet)


Buygore: What’s the one thing you absolutely love about your job?

Carle: There is a moment in almost every show I work where I stop and look out in the audience and just “take in” all the energy going on, and I see the smiling faces of friends and guests just having a blast, and I am so proud that I helped make that happy moment happen for everyone enjoying the night.


Buygore: What’s the most difficult part about your job/career?

Carle: I think there is a very fine line between being helpful and being taken advantage of. I find that often times when I stick my neck out for people and make things happen in the end I am burned by inconsideration. Yet if I hold fast to certain protocols I am bound to follow, I’m being difficult or am labeled as a “bitch”. Being a strong female in a industry full of dudes is continuously misinterpreted.


Buygore: What made you join the Music Industry?

Carle: I went to a Bad Religion show when I was 17 in this sketchy warehouse in SLC and the energy was so amazing I knew right then I wanted to be involved in music.


Buygore:  Fun question, what are your all time favorite Artist(s) you’ve ever worked with?

Carle: Ooooh this is tough because I love so many of the artists I work with. I don’t know if I can really choose, but I will say that I am constantly surprised and impressed. Working with the biggest artist in the world can be very intimidating and Im genuinely thankful and shocked that so many of them are humble, down to earth guys.


Buygore: Name one artist you would love to work with…

Carle: Does it have to be EDM related? If not, then Stevie Nicks, or Gwen Stefani. If so, then Calvin Harris, because he’s such a babe and also used to have a band so I know he knows what’s up!


Buygore: Who are your Top (3) favorite people to follow on Twitter…

Carle: Medieval Reactions. Drake Says, Disney Quotes


Buygore: How would your old bosses describe you?

Carle: I think they would describe me as loyal, a hard worker, and someone who genuinely cares about their job.


Buygore: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Carle: My dad always taught me to be honest, and my good friend Aubrey always tells me to stay positive. I think if you combine those two things, you can accomplish a lot of good in life.


Buygore: Name one thing you wish you knew when you were younger…

Carle: Discretion is key, keep your mouth shut, not everyone needs to know what you think. My mouth got me in trouble a lot when I was younger.


Buygore: If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

Carle: FKA Twigs, because I am and always forever be in love with Robert Pattinson Team Edward 4-eva


Buygore:  What are your (3) favorite articles of clothing in your closet?

Carle: My dad’s Boy Scout master uniform shirt, my UNIF bomber jacket, and my old high school PE shirt.


Buygore: Who are your heroes and why?

Carle: #1 My mom, she was a shining example of unconditional love, she always made me feel like I was beautiful (even as I struggled with weight growing up) and always accepted and supported me no matter what decision I made. She passed away when I was 19 and not a day goes by that I don’t strive to be as loving and supportive as she was to everyone I meet.

#2 Walt Disney, whom accomplished so much in his life and with very little education or privilege. He had the courage to stand by his dreams, never gave up and succeeded.
Buygore: When you were growing up, what did you dream of becoming?

Carle: I always thought I wanted to be an actress or a singer! Mostly I just wanted to be Jem.


Buygore: Favorite Hangover Meal and Favorite Person to enjoy it with?

Carle: I never drink, so Favorite cheat meal would definitely be OUTBACK Steak House! Favorite person to eat with? Jason “Oh Dag Yo” Fenmore


Buygore: #Hashtag you are currently using the most?

Carle: LOL, I had to look at my insta to answer this question and the most commonly used # is #work


Buygore: Give us a “Day in the Life of Carle”….

Carle: I have been really focusing on my fitness lately, so every morning I get up early to either do a body pump class at the gym or a spin class at a studio. Shower, head into the office, work on all the details to finalize my upcoming shows, if it’s a show day, usually I have to go to the airport to pick up an artist then it’s back to the venue for sound check, and show! Home around 5am or later, wash my face, feed my cat, throw on an episode of rock of love, snuggle up with P$ and knock out!


Buygore: When work is stressful, what’s one thing you do to relax and unwind?

Carle: BREATHE, honestly I will go to the bathroom, or outside to the ally and just take a few deep breaths. It really helps me to reset and come back into whatever issues I am facing with a calmer and clear perspective.


Buygore: Name (3) things on your bucket list…

Carle: Visit Versailles, Ride in a hot air balloon, see The Cranberries perform.


Buygore: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Carle: I love to sing, I was in the Women’s Chamber Ensemble and Concert Choir all though high school. I can sing in Latin 🙂


Buygore: What do you love to do when you’re not working…

Carle: Go out to eat a very ‘carby’ meal with a friend and then go home and snuggle my cat and watch re runs of project runway


Buygore: Best advice you can give to females that are entering the music industry…

Carle: Be strong, smart, fair and humble.


Buygore: Where can we find you next?

Carle: Currently working on that 5 year plan, but you know where you can find me now? At the #1 dance club in Los Angeles – AVALON HOLLYWOOD


Article by Lady Vice – @teamladyvice