Buygore Records Presents: A Very Buygore Christmas Charity Toy Drive Event at Sound Nightclub

Did you have the slightest clue what you would say,
When all of your friends asked you,
“How would you spend your Christmas Day?”

Were you ready for the biggest holiday gathering at Sound,
Where you, Borgore, and friends,
Spent nearly the whole night dancing around?

Or how about the part where many more came in a fleet,
12th Planet, Dirtyphonics, and Prince Fox,
Don’t forget TastyTreat, SAYMYNAME, and Fawks,
Dem wubs so sweet.

But for the greatest gift of all,
A Very Buygore Christmas came in strong,
As the squad collected 800 toys for the LA Children’s Hospital.


A little over one year ago, Buygore Records joined forces with Nap Girls Int’l for the first-ever holiday party x charity event at Sound Nightclub on the evening of Christmas day. Since then, 2016 turned out to be even more eventful than we could’ve imagined; Buygore Records has seen some of the craziest parties, most dedicated fans, and most importantly experienced some of our favorite memories over the course of the past year. In the spirit of the holidays and the season of giving, the Buygore squad wanted to continue the success with our inaugural holiday gathering and bring it back for another year of giving back to the community and dance music scene we love the most. For the second year in a row, Buygore came together with Sound Nightclub for a free charity event located in Hollywood, California where 100% of toy donations were given to the Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles.

It had been a long day of Christmas celebrations all throughout the city, but the real festivities had only just begun at around 7pm when guests started to line up on North Las Palmas Ave for 10pm doors. Based on first come first serve basis, as well as RSVP + toy donation, the line had completely wrapped around the block by 9pm as guests anticipated another Buygore holiday party for the books. Once the clock struck 10pm, the doors of Sound Nightclub swung open and the masses crowded the dance floor as the toy donations piled up even higher than the year before.dsc_8973dsc_8998


Among the myriad of dance music acts to take on the decks and Sound Nightclub’s infamous pioneer sound system that Christmas evening, Fawks was one of the first performers to fuel the dance party with bass-heavy tunes and his legendary “Fawks flips” of which really kick started the evening. The luminous disco shark hung overhead as the dance floor soon hit capacity not long after doors opened – soon enough, Devin Hardy and John Smith from the LA-based duo TastyTreat stepped up to the plates and proceeded to run down the club with more bass-driven selections. The stage also welcomed Prince Fox who delivered a set filled with his own future pop style and setting a more diverse taste for the night.

Following a mini family gathering of BG alums, the head of Buygore himself finally took the decks – Borgore turned up the bass and strapped the audience in for a raucous LED-heavy set action-packed with dubstep classics where headbangers united in the front row. The soundscape of the venue paired perfectly with the frenzy of lazer beams shooting off the overhead disco balls with effulgent visuals creating equilibrium of optical and auditory excellence. Other dubstep ringleaders such as 12th Planet and Dirtyphonics assisted in the deliverance of the wubs, as well as the hardtrap originator SAYMYNAME.

dsc_9292 dsc_9437 dsc_9509 dsc_9672

All in all, our second annual holiday party x charity event with Sound Nightclub was a great success. A Very Buygore Christmas collected over 100+ more donations than last year, racking in a total of 800 toys that were donated to the Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles. It was an incredible night of good music and great people coming together for an even better cause. Buygore Records would like to give a special thanks to the team at Sound Nightclub for making this possible, and we would also like to thank everyone that attended the event. Your donations made for a brighter and merrier Christmas for the kids over at CHLA.


The Buygore team is looking forward to an even bigger year in 2017 – we can’t wait to show you guys all the new music and parties we have planned. Needless to say, 2017 is going to be LIT.


You can find out more information on the Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles here.


All photos taken by Michelle Mendoza:


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