Borgore’s Top 10 Memes of the Week 033: New Year New Me(mes)

Well, it looks like another year is upon us and it’s officially time to say adios to 2016 whether you liked it or not. The Buygore squad would like to think it’s been a pretty rad year of dope music and awesome parties, but just wait for what we have for you in 2017. We’d like to thank you guys for being the best fans we could ask for and it’s been a blast partying it up with all of you this past year. Most importantly, a new year means new memes, which is a particularly exciting for all of us meme lovers out there. As Borgore says goodbye to 2016, he presents his 10 last favorite memes of the year for you guys here:


1] TFW everyone has been negative AF about 2016 but u tryna be positive:


2] “Gonna start 2017 off looking the best I physically can” said everyone ever:


3] New Years Resolution: become more original:


4] TFW ur boss put u on the schedule for January 1st:


5] “Another year gone by means I should probably start settling down soon”:


6] “2017 is gonna be the year I learn to love myself”:


7] TFW 2016 was actually pretty tite and all u wanna do is keep the streak going:


8] However, there’s always room for improvement:


9] Does anyone even remember their resolutions from last year?:


10] TBH, Lindsay Lohan becomes more relatable every year:



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