Perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the holiday season is the annual holiday office party. It’s a rare occasion where you actually get to turn up and bond with your fellow coworkers, and more importantly, your boss. The holiday office party is where the most scandalous stories around the office are born, where it’s deemed acceptable to roll into work Monday morning still feeling like absolute shit, and quite possibly your one opportunity of the year to finally talk to that one employee you always flirt with at the water cooler. As Christmas gets closer and closer, Borgore brings you his favorite memes for the epic holiday office parties across the globe. Check them out here:


1] Major key office announcements:


2] Sending out holiday office emails like:


3] It’s that time of year:


4] The perfect holiday office party addition:


5] Please, kindly GTFO:


6] Every office has that one guy:


7] TFW ur not ready to see the other side of ur coworkers:


8] Having a drunk conversation with your boss like:


9] “The lighting was just so good though”:


10] The party never stops, until it’s time to go back to work Monday morning:



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