Happy Thanksgiving Day from our squad to yours! The Buygore fam is thankful for our amazing fans and the support from all of you awesome humans. Today, we give thanks for the little things that matter, such as taco, the booty, and of course, dubstep. We can already anticipate the abundance of food pictures to hit all platforms of social media, which honestly seems borderline unnecessary as we’re literally all eating the same exact meal. But it’s fine, because social media has also been blaring out some of the funniest Thanksgiving memes we’ve ever seen. You know the drill, and it’s time for Borgore to drop his top 10 favorite memes of the week:


1] Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by your mother’s cooking demands on Thanksgiving:


2] This hits a little too close to home:


3] I wanna drown in the sauce:


4] Let there be alcohol:


5] Real photo captured morning after the biggest drinking night of the year:


6] I understand it’s a family holiday but we don’t need to get all personal here, today is about FOOD:


7] You’re thankful, he’s thankful, she’s thankful, we’re all thankful – let’s fucking eat:


8] Family festivities hitting off strong this Danksgiving:


9] Damn Daddy:


10] “Make sure you save room for dessert, honey”: