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A lot has changed since the days of MySpace. Social media has taken over the world and is showing no leniency or sympathy toward those who succumb to the combative behavior of its users. As the years have passed and platforms continue to rise in popularity, it appears that no one is impervious to the harsh throes of sub tweets and bellicose Instagram commentary. Tinder has transformed to the hottest dating tool and memes are becoming more influential by the day. As a fellow social media enthusiast, Borgore relates to this weeks top 10 memes just as much as the next guy, check them out here:

1] A throwback to the primitive days of social media:



2] Never forget that Tinder will always be there for u:



3] TFW ur future employer finds you on Twitter:


4] One of the many alternative methods of social media


5] Memes speak louder than words:


6] Memes also speak louder than fake moans:



7] Social media – the modern day E-Harmony:



8] Grabs bag of popcorn:


9] TFW the Internet feels like one giant scam:


10] You know the social media savagery is too real when memes describe your life to a T: