Borgore’s Top 10 Memes of the Week 004: Night Out With The Squad

What does an average night out look like for you? Are you a hard-core couch potato who posts up with snacks and Netflix for hours on end? Or are you the typically the last one to leave the club no matter what day of the week it is? How you execute your weekly evening gatherings says a lot about you, and you better believe there’s a meme out there that will undeniably epitomize your true self. This week’s stockpile of memes is dedicated to the social butterflies, the ones who spread their wings and live on the edge. Curated by Borgore, here are 10 memes that illustrate the momentous events that tend to go down every time you and your squad step out on the streets:


1] When the epic night out with the squad is still in its preliminary stages….


2] If you leave the club remotely attractive, you’re doing it wrong….



3] Biggest set back of being an avid social butterfly: seeing the entire arsenal of past hookups all conveniently located at your spot….


4] That feeling when you’re having a girls night out….


5] We all have that one friend who says they’re gonna take it easy, but ends up getting far more hammered than the rest of us….


6] When it’s 3am at the club and you’re dancing by yourself….


7] When you’re at the club and your girl is yelling at you for tipping the bartender…..


8] You know you gave it your all when you score a free ride out of the club….



9] That feeling when you finally get home after a long and treacherous night out, and your bed is so close, yet so far…



10] Although, nothing surmounts to waking up the next morning and discovering that you successfully didn’t lose any of your shit when you were blackout the night before….



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