In the latest news in the technological world, the announcement that the forthcoming iPhone 7 revealed that we would be saying farewell to the generation of “pass me the aux cord”. The uncountable number of hours you’ve likely spent on untangling your headphone wires and struggling to get the wires just right that they still connect and work, this is truly the end of a era. In light of the current situation at hand, Borgore shares his top 10 favorite iPhone memes that call attention to all the various facets of Apple life. From using all your data to your favorite apps, these memes cover it all:


1] We all know the feeling:


2] TFW no one is still texting you but:


3] There’s an app for almost anything these days:


4] If only there was a button specifically designed for this:


5] That moment when your life flashes before your eyes:


6] Creativity will get you places:


7] If I had a dollar for every time this popped up on my phone screen:


8] iPhone 7, also known as the worst connect ever:


9] Hands down the best iPhone 7 meme out there:


10] But when will Apple fix the issues that really matter?:


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