Now that the 2016 edition of the summer Olympics is over, all we can do now is look back on the phenomenal performances of the best athletes in the world and the even better memes that transpired from this year’s games. From amusing still shots of athlete’s facial expressions, Usain Bolt still running faster than a freaking cheetah on the sahara, to the seriously terrifying look Michael Phelps apparently gives his competitors, the Olympics never lets viewers down when it comes to providing downright hilarious memes. Borgore loves the Olympics just as much as the next guy, so much so that this week’s report of his top memes covers the gold medal of memes from Rio 2016. While the Olympics might be over, relive the best and funniest moments here:


1] If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just remember this is an actual job:


2] The swimmers will keep on swimming, but do they know how to get funky:


3] #MyOlympicSportWouldBe:


4] Looks like Tonga came ready for the festivities:


5] Team China FTW:


6] TFW ur watching the Olympics and wonder who let this happen on national television:


7] The fuccboi smile says it all tho:













8] Who hurt you??:


9] SEXT:


10] Friendly pat on the back “Don’t worry there’s always next time”:


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