Borgore’s Top 10 Memes of the Week 023: Call Me Daddy

Borgore is your sugar daddy, especially when you’re talking about his fire explicit meme game. Only memes can depict the bedroom activities that arise from calling your man “daddy”. Whenever you’re really tryna get it, toss in a little word play and watch the wonder happen. Borgore is the ultimate daddy when it comes to getting down and dirty, so this week, he decided to set aside 10 memes for all those who go by daddy in the sheets. Get your weekly dose of erotic memes and peep Borgore’s top 10 here:


1] That feeling when daddy comes in clutch:FullSizeRender-2


2] When giving head isn’t your strong suit but ur still tryna get laid:


3] When Chipotle asks u to swallow but ur not down:


4] That weird moment where he wants u to be daddy for once:


5] Chicks always complaining they don’t have a sugar daddy but forget what the job description may entail:


6] Make him buy u shit so u know it’s real:


7] That feeling when he wants to let everyone know who daddy is:


8] That awkward moment when he still tries to tell u what to do after sex:


9] Be a good girl and do it for daddy:


10] That feeling when you don’t know where daddy is:


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