Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it through another workweek and you deserve a hard-earned weekend break. No rules, no one telling you what to do, and best of all, pants are optional all weekend long, every single week. Weekends call for a special time to put aside, approximately a three-day blowout of doing whatever you want, whenever you want. Take the low-key route and spend some one-on-one time with Netflix, or channel your convivial self and stay up till the sun rises. As we get ready for another boisterous weekend, Borgore presents another round of handpicked memes customized for any situation you may find yourself in this upcoming weekend. See for yourself and let the good times roll:


1] Turn up time:


2] “So what do you like to do in your spare time?”:


3] After a long week of work and bullshit:


4] The tell-tale sign you’re in for a long weekend:


5] Couch and Netflix time is sacred time:


6] TFW u slip into the not so casual pre-club food coma:


7] Has this ever happened to you because if so, same:


8] When you get the drunk munchies at the club:


9] Laying in bed after going out and attempting to watch Netflix:


10] Wrapping up the weekend like:



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