Borgore’s Top 10 Memes of the Week 020: Pokémon GO

In this week’s edition of Borgore’s top 10 memes of the week, we present to you our favorite Pokémon GO memes in honor of all the trainers out there trying to be the very best like no one ever was. After successfully breaking the Internet, catching Pokémon has become the go-to reason for leaving the house. Even taking a brisk walk to the mailbox might land you a wild Squirtle if you’re lucky. Whether you’re at the strip club or going to work, it is apparently socially acceptable to play the field wherever, whenever. Pokémon GO is literally a meme goldmine, take a look and bask in the content:


1] Despite the fact that everyone’s on their phones, at least people are finally getting more exercise:


2] Professor fuckin Willow:


3] Same Pikachu, same:


4] Check out my Pokémon fam:


5] Or the road. That works too:


6] RT if u kno this feeling:

7] Although, sometimes u cant be the very best cuz there’s no Pokémon:

8] Pokémon GO is literally fair game everywhere:


9] I repeat, everywhere:


10] Pokémon GO is truly savage:



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