It’s time to make America proud, people – break out your red, white and blue garments and let your Patriotic freak flag fly high. As we head into the biggest holiday weekend of the summer, Americans are ready for a few days off for some fun in the sun and unrestrained alcohol consumption. Whether your weekend entails a firework spectacular or a congregation of friends getting hammered in the name of liberty, 4th of July always prevails as one of the most memorable weekends of the summer. Once again, Borgore has the plug for this edition of top 10 memes of the week. Freedom lies in being bold, and so do memes, scope out the best 4th of July memes here:

1] BBQ season is in full effect:


2] Things I’d rather be dipping in than the pool:


3] At least you tried:


4] God bless:


5] Brace yourselves, the pool parties are coming:


6] The inevitable turning point of the evening:


7] It’s not a party until these bad boys arrive:


8] TFW u take her home after the fireworks:


9] Your Snapchat story will be the ultimate moment of truth:


10] A future depiction of you walking into work Tuesday morning:


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