Do you ever feel like the same shit happens every week at the club? As if every single night the same events occur on a reoccurring time contingency every damn time you dare to go out for the night? Borgore knows your pain. There’s nothing like a long night out at the club, having the quintessential raver ask you, “Hey, are you rolling tonight?” That’s when you know you’re at the rave. Feast on these 10 memes Borgore assembled for you that will indefinitely describe every club experience you’ve ever had:

1] TFW ur just tryna get to the function:


2] Same:


3] We all know this particular breed of club goers:


4] TFW ur wingman totally steals ur girl:


5] The struggle of being at the club til 2am but u have to wake up at 7am for work:


6] This has most likely happened to you at least a million times:


7] Shout out to direct deposit when ur running a fat bar tab:


8] The inevitable fight break-out of the night:


9] That one friend who never actually goes to bed when they say they are:


10] When you walk outta the club and you see a lone club goer, wandering and lost:


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