Borgore’s Top 10 Memes of the Week 013: Blast Ya


Over the course of this past week, Borgore finally unveiled his latest head banger with one of his favorite musicians Barrington Levy entitled “Blast Ya.” What is essentially an ode to the influential amalgamation of Borgore’s classic old-school gorestep style and Levy’s legendary Reggae prestige, “Blast Ya” successfully blew up the Internet last week with hundreds of commendatory gifs and memes circulating the social sphere. This week, Borgore has selected 10 memes and vines that are the embodiment of his latest heavy dub release. Check them out here:


1] This vine of a skiing ostrich is almost as absurd as the “Blast Ya” drop:

2] It’s probably in your best interest that you prepare for the impending aggressive drop, otherwise you might end up like this chick:

3] The typical reaction after hearing “Blast Ya” for the first time:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.35.22 PM

4] The aftermath of a solid “Blast Ya” and chill sesh:

its-just-marijuana-weed-memes (1)

5] TFW the weed blasts you outta this world:


5] Do you ever just hear someone talking shit so you blast through the wall and call them out?:


6] Or when you and your homie are putting someone on blast and absolutely slay:


7] This is what happens after listening to “Blast Ya” too many times and you become way too aggressive with the fam at the dinner table:


8] Who do you think blasted ya harder, Borgore’s new track or a female astronaut version of Nicholas Cage?


9] TFW she hasn’t listened to “Blast Ya” yet:


10] After listening to “Blast Ya” so many times, you become the most aggressive version of yourself yet:


Purchase Borgore & Barrington Levy’s “Blast Ya” via iTunes here.



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