Borgore’s Top 10 Memes of the Week 007: What A Time To Be Alive

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The Internet has become a place of leisure and recreation: Sliding into DMs, subtweeting your ex, using Snapchat by means of sketchy communication – what a time to be alive. If you feel you’ve lost all hope in humanity, take a quick scroll through your Twitter feed and you’ll find that a Brooklyn resident tried renting out an igloo via AirBnb for $200. Or make your way to Buzzfeed and catch Kylie Jenner’s insubstantial New Years Resolutions. A few popular trends of 2015 and 2016 have already eased their way into previous Memes of the Week editions including the early 2016 mania #WasteHisTime or the exceedingly obnoxious “My Name Is Bill” stories that pillaged our Facebook feeds this past week. With a new batch of memes heading your way, watch out for Borgore’s top 10 memes of the week – these are progressive times, people:


1] In this day and age, memes carry a little more weight than they should…


2] The current generation has nearly created an entirely new dictionary commonly based off arbitrary term selection or condensed versions of the original word. i.e.: see “fam” – short for family or loved ones close to you. TRU…


3] This new vocabulary set is so advanced that even Siri can’t catch up with the complex dialect….


4] 2016: The year dabbing converted from a method of ingesting THC to becoming the next hottest dance move…


5] “We’re all just realizing things. 2016. Looking good”


6] Be attentive of your online activity as someone’s more likely than not stalking your recent likes….


7] Slapping people with read receipts has become somewhat of a sporting event….


8] This actually happened so 2016 is truly off to a strong start….


9] Although, Twitter can definitely get a little too aggressive at times….


10] Conclusively, this fad lasted for about 5 minutes and we’re all collectively happy to say it’s over….


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