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Last week, Borgore appointed a variety of memes that paid homage to the booming Twitter trend #WasteEveryonesTime2016 – but this weeks assortment of memes calls attention to those who are still out there gettin’ it. The subsequent memes adhere to the illustrious bedroom activities that only a meme could synopsize in an appropriate manner. If you’re an animal in the sheets, this week’s selection of memes are dedicated to you:


1] If you participated in #WasteHisTime2016, you should probably start putting out if you want him to put out….


2] That feeling when you ask what her “number” is and she starts doing long division…


3] Know when to call her out for riding the bare minimum….


4] When he’s about to bust but you get busted instead….


5] Hygiene = major key….


6] It can’t be all bad, can it?



7] Sometimes, we get a lil carried away in the moment….

IMG_2307 (1)

8] This is the exact moment you fucked up….


9] The ensuing thoughts of when she unexpectedly rocks your world….


10] As always, may the odds be ever in your favor….



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