Borgore’s Top 10 Memes of the Week 003: New Year’s Resolutions


We are taking our final steps of 2015 as we brace ourselves before venturing off into the wondrous 2016. The plethora of Facebook statuses and tweets have solidified the short period between Christmas and New Years Eve as a time to reflect upon your personal debauchery that has ensued over the past 12 months. It’s time to set your New Year’s resolutions and become a better you; although, for most of us this means recycling New Year’s resolutions from ’12, ’13, ’14 and revisiting everything you failed to achieve in 2015. While the approximate average breaking point for the majority of resolution setters aims to be about mid-February, January 17th is national “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution,” so don’t worry too much about commitment. Many of you will probably attest to the fact that you spend far too much time using technology, yet here you are reading memes selected by Borgore on the Internet:


1] New Year’s resolutions predominantly remind us of the fact that life is hard and adulting is even more difficult….


2] Some people took our cuffing season post too seriously….


3] Here’s to hoping that some of your past relationships stay in 2015….


4] In fact, you may even consider sending them a parting gift as you set off to make 2016 your bitch….


5] Although, a key New Year’s resolution rests in not resorting to selling protein powder on Instagram….



6] Biggest New Year’s resolution of all: no more whiskey dick….


7] Here’s to setting unrealistic gym goals in hopes of attaining a fat ass and getting one of these bad boys at your next show….


8] You are what you eat, even though maintaining a healthy diet for the festival season body can be challenging….


9] Overall, this past year showed us who the real ones are….


10] Respectively, 2016 is about to be lit….


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