Borgore’s DJ Mag Top 10 Countdown

DJ Mag has officially concluded the 2016 edition of its highly esteemed Top 100 DJ list during Amsterdam Dance Event. Every year, this list is self-deemed as the premier catalog for the elite in dance music, although, many readers and industry professionals may not entirely agree. While the legitimacy of the list is continuously questioned by mostly everyone, who can argue when our very own Borgore, or as DJ Mag notably spelled Bogore, ranked in at No. 76, it is evident that the list is for the most part total absurdity. And so, in honor of the 2016 reveal of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, Borgore wanted to shed light on who he felt deserved the top 10 spots this year. Check out who made the cut here:

11] Special Mention:


10] If this mustache didn’t rank top 10 the world would probably shed a tear:


9] Costumes during performance have become all the rage:


8] We all love tacos:


7] Admit it, the booty always brings you back to the rave:


6] Everyone loves a nice melodic breakdown:


5] If you don’t have a fluffy friend to pet during a set, did you even really rave?


4] This TRex yells “3, 2, 1 jump” louder than Hardwell:


3] That hairstyle is mostly responsible for ranking #3:


2] A special shout out to the one that keeps us lit:


1] Who doesn’t love a good prog house set featuring a side of quesadillas?



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