Borgore – #NEWGOREORDER LUXE (Deluxe Edition) OUT NOW on Dim Mak Records
iTunes: http://found.ee/luxe_i I Beatport: http://found.ee/luxe_b
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Notorious electro badboy Borgore throws a lavish yacht party with his closest friends celebrating the release of his #NEWGOREORDER album to the soundscape of his enchanting, bass anthem “Be Ourselves.”

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By Any Means Necessary

For Dim Mak, community comes first. Since the label’s inception in 1996, Dim Mak has thrived on a commitment to preserving a boundless, forward-thinking music collective. Dim Mak is a lifestyle brand encompassing records, events and apparel, all the while tapping into the vast network of artists that influence modern music culture in order to bring them to stages worldwide.