As we head into Valentine’s Day 2k16, people are preparing for the best and for the worst. Lovers are anticipating a romantic evening out that will most likely be followed by passionate yet coitus till dawn. The singles squad is banding together in efforts of rejecting the annual love fest in its entirety, or even throwing parties in celebration of being single and killing it. Valentine’s Day Eve is falling on a Saturday this year, so it’s probably safe to assume that it will be a night of heavy alcohol endurance and a morning full of regret and remorse. In honor of the forthcoming holiday this weekend, Borgore presents 10 memes that will eloquently tell the story of your Valentine’s Day:

1] It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone:





2] Sometimes, you just can’t decide who that special someone is:



3] Valentine’s Day can serve as a time of absolute trolling when executed properly:



4] Some of us really just don’t wanna see your Valentine’s Day shit on our social media feeds:


5] Searching for your valentine can definitely be rough:



6] Pro tip: the way to her heart is food:




7] Valentine’s Day presents should most definitely be geared toward sex:



8] That awkward moment when her expectations for Valentine’s Day are way too damn high:


9] Here’s to wishing you a sensational night:


10] ….and hoping that this doesn’t happen to you: